Caustic Soda Flake 99.98%


Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide (NaOH), is used as a strong base in the manufacture of products that form a daily part of our lives, including pulp and paper, detergents, foodstuffs, textiles and more.



• Pulp and paper – The largest application for caustic soda worldwide. Uses include in pulping and bleaching processes, the de-inking of waste paper and water treatment.

• Textiles – Used to process cotton and dye synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester.

• Soap and detergents – Used in saponification, the chemical process that converts fat, tallow and vegetable oils into soap. It also is used to manufacture anionic surfactants, a crucial component in most detergents and cleaning products.

• Bleach manufacturing – Used to make bleach, which has industrial and consumer applications such as mold and mildew control around the home.

• Petroleum products – Used to explore, produce and process petroleum and natural gas.

• Aluminum production – Used to dissolve bauxite ore, the raw material for aluminum production.

• Chemical processing – Used as a basic feedstock for a wide range of downstream products, including solvents, plastics, fabrics, adhesives, coatings, herbicides, dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals and more.

Liquid Caustic Soda, (Sodium Hydroxide), 50% – It operates liquid CAUSTIC SODA barge terminals , TN, Dupo, IL, Camanche, IA, and St. Paul, MN. The product can be supplied as is, diluted with water to a specified concentration, or buffered to significantly reduce the freezing point. Caustic soda is used to maintain alkalinity in water-based drilling fluids.

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