Royal Global Energy is an independent company that focuses on the exploration and production of downstream oil & gas and Petrochemical. We have achieved a notable track record in the production of petroleum, as shown by our portfolio of oil-producing assets which comprises the 10 oil wells around the world. Going forward, we aim to search for and invest in other attractive propositions with profitable downstream assets that enable us to deliver long-term, sustainable value to our shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • We plan to further grow our downstream  oil business by:
  • increasing the production of petroleum from our existing proven and probable reserves base
  • commercializing our contingent resources
  • acquiring low-cost, onshore oil and gas assets primarily in North America that have high upside potential

More than 25 years of experience working in the industry has enabled us to build our services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital and operations that help our clients with their trading projects around the world. Capabilities we leverage.

CEO Message

I wish to thank our shareholders and other stakeholders for their continued support and trust in us. We are deeply committed to staying at the forefront of the petroleum industry. With our employees’ persistent drive for success, our management team’s extensive industry experience, our strong network with political, business, and industry leaders around the world, and with our other competitive advantages firmly in place, RGE is well-positioned for solid, sustainable growth. We are dedicated to transforming RGE into a leading oil and gas company that has a strong presence in the Middle East/China/Asia




Royal Global Energy

Founded on 2005 under the name of Royal Global Energy Co,
The Company has been constantly exporting all major products in above fields to many countries and has established few more companies in UAE and Oman to facilitate the trade with its buyers.
It has become one of the reliable International Supplier companies as Exporter and Importer dealing with different commodities in large volumes and build great trust relationship with all of its valuable buyers.
Vision 98%
Plan 95%
Growth 85%

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We provide buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration

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RGE’s Channel Policy Principles
The principle of RGE channel policy is “to work and collaborate on a win-win basis.”
Work and collaborate: Maximize the value for our channel partners and customers by motivating channel partners to explore the market and the enterprise business market.

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Classification of Channel Partners
Tier1 Partner: Distributor and Value Added Partner (VAP). Distributors include Global Distributors (GDs), Regional Distributors (RDs), and Local Distributors. Global Distributors and Regional Distributors are distributors that run business in multiple countries.
Global Partners (GPs) and Regional Partners (RPs) work with Royal Global Energy "RGE" in multiple countries and regions.