Reformate is a gasoline blending stock that is produced by the catalytic reforming, a refining process in which mixed-catalysts and hydrogen promote the rearrangement of lower octane naphthenes into higher octane compounds without a significant reduction in carbon number

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also, reformate is the main source of aromatic bulk chemicals such as benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene which have diverse uses, most importantly as raw materials for conversion into plastics.

Xylol (Xylenes)

Xylol is a clear colourless Aromatic Hydrocarbon liquid having sweet odour. Xylols are extracted or distilled from reformate, a stream derived from the refining of high-octane motor gasoline.

Mainly used in Paints as solvents. Also used in Pesticides, Tile Adhesive, Printing, Packaging, Construction Chemical etc.

Currently many types of Petroleum and Petrochemical products viz. Naphtha, Jet Kero, HSD/ Gas Oil, FO, Reformate, VGO, and Mixed Xylene are available for export.