Toluene | C6H5CH3

Toluene, an extremely volatile and colorless liquid, has a transparent structure of methyl (CH3) attached to benzene (C6H6). GS Caltex produces 170,000 MTA of high-quality toluene each year and supplies to various industries.

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Toulene is used mostly as a solvent for paint, in addition to adhesives, ink and pharmaceuticals. It is a raw material for petrochemical products such as TDI (toluene di-isocyanate, polyurethane) and TNT. Anhydrous toluene or one of our many other grades, we stock the right product for your application. As a leading supplier of high-purity, research grade solvents, we have the toluene to meet your exact needs.

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The main chemical use of toluene is to make benzene, xylenes and other solvents.  It can also be used to manufacture other chemicals such as phenol, nitrobenzene, benzoic acid and benzyl chloride.  As a solvent, toluene can be used in paints, paint thinners, adhesives, inks, resins, cleaning agents, leather tanners and inks.  It can also be used to manufacture polymers that produce nylon, plastic soda bottles and for pharmaceuticals, dyes and cosmetic products.  Toluene is also used as a coolant in sodium cold traps underneath nuclear reactor loops.  The user end markets of this product are the chemical, paints, adhesive, cleaning, leather, plastics, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Toluene is a highly flammable and poisonous liquid, therefore, all toluene handlers must fully understand and observe the “Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)” and use appropriate protective gears.