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Royal Global Energy chartering Services. is a full-service ship and cargo broker working in the Freight and Chartering markets for dry bulk, breakbulk & LPG Carrier – Clean and Dirty Tanker project cargoes and sale and purchase with expertise in a wide range of tonnage sizes.

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RGE Chartering Services specializes in drybulk, breakbulk, dry IMO and project cargo movements and contracts of affreightment worldwide for our clients and principals. We focus on long term relationships and can provide a wide range of Maritime Services including Voyage Estimates, Pre Load Planning, Cargo Load and Discharge Supervision from Quay to Quay or Door to Door, Voyage Charters or Time Charters. We can assist with arranging barges, cargo insurance, dispute resolutions, Voyage estimates, Laytime calculations and settlements, S&P projects for New and Second Hand Vessels.


Markets rise and fall, but good relationships endure and become stronger and more valuable each and every year.



Our subsidiary Ship Management  provides in-house commercial management for our LPG fleet.

  • Highly competent and experienced chartering and operations team from the LPG and Petrochemical sector.
  • With offices in Singapore, Tokyo and London, our team is offering specialized regional knowledge and focused around the clock services to our global customers.
  • Our services include the procurement of optimal ship employment, bareboat arrangements and sale, and purchase transactions.
  • We maintain strong direct business relationships with first-class oil majors and traders of LPG and petrochemicals.
  • We have close and effective co-operation between commercial and technical management of vessels to drive excellence in end customer service and customer satisfaction.


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  • Highly skilled technical team with extensive experience in ship management in the LPG and Petrochemical sector.
  • We offer a focused and high-quality service to our global customers ensuring that all activities are fully undertaken in-house.
  • Ability to provide cost-effective ship management solutions for all types of vessels with a focus on gas carriers.
  • All of our vessels have a wide range of oil major approvals and the company is approved for time charter operations by several oil majors and operators.
  • We operate an ISO accredited (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate by ABS) crewing company based in the Philippines and provide highly trained and dedicated sea staff with high retention rates. We also have a network of local recruiting offices to cover other sources of seafarers.
  • Continuous review of the company’s SHEQ integrated management system.
  • Full commitment to protecting the environment and preventing spillage with excellent safety and environmental performance.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate by ABS. Integrated management systems incorporate TMSA 3.



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PortTerminalTerminal OperatorTelephone Number
Imam KhomeiniImport 1Golf Agency Co.+982122254752
Imam KhomeiniImport 2Kaveh Co.+982122274535
Imam KhomeiniImport 3Sina Co.+982188784051
Imam KhomeiniExport and WarehousesKaveh Co.+982122274535
Imam KhomeiniContainer TerminalSouth Shipping Line-Iran Co.+982188781254
Imam KhomeiniGrain TerminalPersian Gulf Grain Terminal-Parsian(Kaveh) Co.+982122274535
Amir AbadTerminal 1Genaveh Bandar Sazan and Tejarat Gostar Co.+989128069364
Amir AbadTerminal 2Tidewater Co.+982188553321
AnzaliTerminal 1Kaveh Co.+982122274535
AnzaliTerminal 2Iran Banader Co.+989111811139
AnzaliTerminal 3Aria Banader Iranian Co.+982188888328
AnzaliGrain TerminalBlue Ocean Co.+981813224718
BushehrGeneral Cargo TerminalSina Co.+982188784054
BushehrTerminal ContainerSina Co.+982188784054
KhoramshahrGeneral Cargo TerminalKaveh Co.+982122274535
KhoramshahrContainer TerminalSouth Line-Iran Co.+982188781254
Shahid BahonarGeneral cargo and Container TerminalLangar Talaee Co.+9876175111094
Shahid RajaeiGeneral Cargo Terminal 1Darya Bandar Line Co.+982188710266
Shahid RajaeiGeneral Cargo Terminal 2Khalij Pejam Co.+982122904940
Shahid RajaeiContainer Terminal 1Beta Co.
Shahid RajaeiContainer Terminal 2Sina Co.+982188784054
Shahid RajaeiTerminal of Persian Gulf PortMarie Sahel Co.
LengehGeneral Cargo and Container TerminalPublic Warehouses and Custom Services Co.+987622243282
AbadanGeneral Cargo and Container TerminalBuoy Bandar Co.+986153244172
GenavehGeneral Cargo and Container TerminalGenaveh Bandar Sazan+987723230610
NowshahrGeneral Cargo TerminalSina Co.+982188784054



Kharg Island is in the northern part of the Persian Gulf and lies about 30 Km from the Iranian mainland between the north latitudes 29 12’ to 29 16’ and longitudes 50 17’ to 50 20’ east. Island is surrounded by deep water of sufficient depth for the largest crude tankers now in service.



  • National Iranian Oil Co. (N.I.O.C)






Ships approaching Kharg from south, should keep at least 4 Km to the east of the Island. Vessels approaching Kharg from the north should keep to the west of the Island (outside the restricted area) as Kharg Island at the north is very low lying and difficult to see until dangerously close to.

On arrival at Kharg, all vessels including those destined for SEA ISLAND, should proceed to the approved anchorage area which is located to the east of the eastern boundary of the harbor limits. Ships must await instructions and not enter the harbor limits unless a berthing master is on board.



  • N I O C Oil Loading Terminals
  • Kharg Chemical Complex Sulphur/LPG Terminal



Both Iranian Light and Heavy crude oil are available at all oil berths. Crude oil is delivered to the terminals from the tank farm, elevated 62 m AMSL, situated on the central plateau of the Island , by gravity flow through pipelines.



The jetty is a “TEE” head which has an overall length of 1840 m, connected to the shore 1100 m away by a piled trestle and rock filled causeway. The jetty with depth alongside 17-21 m, is designed to handle large tankers, three berths (No. 3,5 & 7) can accommodate VLCC tankers of 300000 tons dwt, and Aframax tankers will accommodate alongside the other berths. Deck level is 6.7 m above chart datum. The berths from north to south are numbered as follows :

  • Outer berths : 9,7,1,3,5
  • Inner berths : 10,8,2,4,6

Each berth is provided with a Chiksan loading unit, fitted with hydraulically operated loading arms. Loading rates of max : 15000 tph to one berth can be achieved under favourable conditions.



Sea Island Terminal is located close to the west coast of the Island. It is designed to accommodate ULCC tankers of 500000 tons dwt at two outer berths No. 11 & 15 on the west side with depth alongside 32 m and vessels of max. 330000 tons dwt at inner berth No. 12 on the east side with depth alongside 29 m. Berths are equipped with Chiksan loading units and loading rates of max. 30000 tph to one berth can be achieved under favorable conditions.



It is an open unsheltered roadstead located to the south east of the Island. Ships loaded by means of submarine pipeline at a single berth approx 1.6 Km offshore in over 20 m of water.



A combined LPG & Sulphur loading berth exists on the south east corner of Kharg Island. Single berth with depth alongside 12 m consisting of one main and eight mooring dolphins can accommodate vessels of about 40000 tons dwt for loading of Crushed Sulphur and LPG.



Located 270 Km SW of provincial Capital of Bushehr

  • LAT-LONG : 27 º30’N –52º31′ E



  • Pars Especial Economic Zone
  • Port & Shipping Organization



Accommodation :

Logistic Port covers 150 hectares; The western breakwater is 2300 meters long and the eastern breakwater is 1000 meters long. The port basin is 100 hectares with capacity to accept ships of up to 80,000 t tons deadweight. The nominal capacity of this port is 10 million tons per year including 1 million tons of granulated sulphur, 3 million of container products and 6 million tons of refinery machinery and parts. This port will have at least 10 berths that can simultaneously accommodate 10 ships and especially for exporting of sulphur, containers loading / unloading as heavy cargo. Water drought along the berths is at least 11meters and at most 15 meters and the jetty in this port is 2600 meters long. At present, 5 berths are operational.

The Petrochemical Port with 15 berths and draught of 15 meters can accommodate ships of capacity 80,000 tons deadweight that especially carry gas and petrochemical products. The nominal capacity of this port is 30 million tons per year and it is predicted that 26 million tons of petrochemical products in liquid from will be exported through this port.



  • DRAFT : 10-13 meter at different main loading jetties
  • L.O.A. : Max. 2 Km
  • BEAM : No limitation
  • Berthing : No limitation, possible at day and night
  • Discharge Rate: 300 M/T per day per hold/hook



Island is located some 18 km south of Bandar Mogham in Persian Gulf (Lat 26 47’ N-Long 53 20’ E)

Lavan is the operating base for three offshore fields, namely, Salman, Resalat and Reshadat and has infrastructure facilities including process plants , storage and export system, utility and maintenance facilities, storehouse and loading jetty for support of offshore fields as well as the residential and social areas. Local airport handles personnel movements.

Produced oil from offshore fields is transferred to Lavan for final processing. Salman field 144 km south of Lavan Island , has one of the largest offshore complexes in the Persian Gulf.

Other facilities at Lavan Island include Lavan Distillation Company (LCD) where , under the Refinery and Distribution group of NIOC, crude oil is processed for by-products such as naphtha, gasoline, kerosene , gas oil and fuel oil . Crude oil is provided from NIOC – Offshore storage. Export jetty at Lavan is also handling product carriers beside the ocean going tankers.

Salman onshore and offshore facilities which were damaged, were all renovated and put on stream during the first 5 – year plan, “Renovation programs for Resalat and Reshadat is underway.



Vessels should approach from the south, which is open and free of dangers. The approved anchorage area is to the east of the oil loading dock at 53 22’ E. Pilot age is compulsory and harbor pilot should be contacted on VHF channel 16 about six hours before arrival at Lavan Island.



Operating Company : National Iranian Oil Company – Offshore Division



There is a two berth double jetty available with an overall length of 378 m.
The Outer Berth No. 1 with depth alongside 19-20 m, is designed to handle Million Barrel/Aframax tankers with arrival displacement not exceeding 120000 tons.

The inner Berth No. 2 has the same overall length with a maximum sailing drat of 11 m, for handling of product tankers. Each berth is provided with a Chiksan Loading Unit, fitted with hydraulically operated loading arms.
Loading rates of max . 50000 bbls/hr for crude oil and 600 tph for products such as fuel oil can be achieved under favourable conditions.




Located at the southern-most part of the Persian Gulf, Sirri Island is some 64 km southwest of Bandar Lengeh and close to the median line.

Island is fully developed to handle crude production from three existing oil fields namely Sirri C, Sirri D and Nosrat as well as the future developments and has infrastructure facilities including process facilities, offices , residential area, storehouse, maintenance shops, storage and export jetty. Local airport handles personnel movement.
Crude production from three offshore fields is gathered on main production complex (Nasr) and after initial separation is transferred to Sirri for final processing.
In year following the end of war, offshore production facilities were renovated and put on service.



Vessels should approach from the south, which is open and free of dangers. The approved anchorage area is 1.5 miles east of the lighthouse in depth of 60 m. Pilotage is compulsory and harbour pilot boards about 1.5 miles SE of the loading platform. On VHF channel 16 , master should advise his 72 h 48 h and 24 h ETA in advance of arrival .



Operating Company : National Iranian Oil Company – Offshore Division



(Lat 25 57’N-Long 54 32’E;70 km from the mainland)

Crude oil loading jetty situated at the south end of the island loading platform is equipped with three mooring buoys at each end, and has a depth alongside of 28 m. Vessels of up to 330000 tons dwt can be accommodated. Minimum L.O.A. 240 m, maximum 365 m.
There are four loading arms and loading rates of maximum 15000 cbm/h can be achieved under favorable conditions.

Usually several ULCC’s are being used as storage vessels at the port.

NOTE : The range of Tide is 1.5 m. Currents can run strongly at times making berthing difficult.

Bandar Abbas

BANDAR ABBAS is divided in two sections: new port named Shahid Rajaie Port Complex, and old port called Shahid Bahonar .




This very large complex is situated on the foot of Kashar and Gachin mountains.30 kms west of city of Bandar Abbas, that’s about 56º04 ‘ E and 27º 07’ N.

The construction plan of the port comprised a maneuvering main basin and three subsidiary basins having berths, warehouses, wharfs and buildings with related facilities. There are projects approved for developing of this complex, the most important ones, a silo for grain storage, a fishing & coastal traffic harbour, expansion of cargo and container storage areas and many others.

All seamen may use the recreational facilities of the Seamen’s Club. It is built to Iranian traditional architecture, offers a very pleasant atmosphere. Seamen may also do shopping at the stores in this place and buy Iranian handicrafts.



Iran’s high council of Free Trade Zone, recently ratified Bandar Abbas as a special economic area. The special status of the port located at the Strait of Hormuz at the entry of the Persian Gulf offers a gateway for re-exports to and from Central Asia through its direct railway link as well as with the rest of Iran’s network. It offers the best port facilities with 24 loading booths for ocean liners together with a range of well-equipped storage facilities, including mechanized, indoor and open-top. The zone is open to companies in the PG or elsewhere in the world to take advantage of the benefits from the special regulations. Incentives include the lack of tariffs and customs procedures. Manufacturers or Traders can rent space at preferential rates on a long-term basis to build their own required facilities.



The Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system is operational. Vessels proceeding to the port should one hour before entering the Traffic Separation Scheme areas, contact the Vessel Traffic Center on VHF channel 13 to get permission to enter the traffic lanes. The position of embarkation and disembarkation of pilots regarding Bandar Abbas TSS is two miles from the turning beacon of the port. The entrance channel 249 x 6500 m depth 13.5 m capable of letting two ships pass at the same time



 General cargoes102000 11-14
 Special cargoes (dry bulk,…)472011-14
 Container terminal5100014
 Multipurpose (liquid bulk,…)240011-14
 Ro/Ro platform/passenger11009
 Liquid/ oil export, import (double)244011.5
 Foulad oil terminal (for discharge of crude,…)125013
 Private oil transit pier (STC Quay)1< 2008-10
 Barge service berths240



Due to modernization policy new and modern hoisting and cargo handling machineries have been purchased. These include gantry cranes, shore cranes, high lifting capacity mobile cranes, hoppers for cereal, hydroelectric grabs and many others.

NOTE : The port can accept Bulk Carriers of up to 100.000 tons dwt and also large tankers of up to 80000 tons dwt for load /discharge of different Dry/Liquid bulk commodities.



  • Port area: 1,598,000 square meters
  • Warehouse : 164,000 square meters
  • 44,220 square meters (under construction)





The port of Shahid Bahonar is located in 27º08′ N and 56º12′ E from the sea position in north of Qeshm Island at the entrance of the Persian Gulf.

Due to its strategic geographical location, government’s developmental plans, construction of Shahid Rajaie Port Complex and execution of many industrial projects the last and the most important one the Bandar Abbas Refinery, which play a major role in the country’s economy, Bandar Abbas acts as the main gate to the region’s economy.

Shahid Bahonar port is located 8 km west of city of Bandar Abbas and is connected to Tehran and other cities by air, paved roads and newly opened railway system.



The Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system is operational. Any vessel coming from eastern side of Strait of Hormuz or the Gulf of Oman and proceeding to the port of Bandar Abbas should one hour before entering the TSS (area A), contact the vessel traffic center (VTC) on VHF channel 13 to get permission to enter the traffic lane of TSS (area A) between Larak & Hormuz Islands. And vessels coming from the Persian Gulf, should one hour before entering the TSS (area B), contact the VTC authority on VHF channel 13 to get permission to enter traffic lane of TSS (area B) between Qeshm & Larak Islands. All vessels in the TSS region should deep watch on VHF channel 16, and the speed limit will be 12 knots. The position of embarkation and disembarkation of pilots regarding Bandar Abbas Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) is two miles from the turning beacon of the port.



 General cargoes6105010
 Ore loading (Navarsang)119010
 Oil load / discharge (Charlie 1 & 5 )238010
 Passenger terminal119010
 Barge jetty12508



Hoisting machinery of various capacities and cargo handling machinery of different types are available.



  • Port area : 300,000 square meters
  • Warehouse : 90,000 square meters



Bandar Imam Khomeini is situated in the north-western coast of the Persian Gulf, 100 kilometers east of Abadan and Khorramshahr and 175 kms Southeast of Ahwaz.Because of its characteristic position and possession of a natural channel “The Khor Musa” with a length of about 78 km, it is considered one of the most important ports of the country.

The Khor Musa is one of the most important natural channels which does not need dredging.

The water depth in this channel differs between 30 to 42 feet during high and low tides. Ships with capacity of 100,000 tons can easily pass this channel and dock at the various jetties there. This port is the first in the country which in addition to paved roads and air links, is also connected to various points of the country through railway system.
Same as other ports in Iran, pilotage is compulsory at this port. Vessels should anchor at the outer buoy latitude 29 degree 59 seconds North, longitude 49 degrees 04 seconds East or, when weather is clear, proceed towards fairway buoy and await a pilot.
A massage addressed to agents through B.I.K. radio should be sent 12 hours prior to arrival at outer buoy.



  • Longitude 49 degrees 04
  • seconds East latitude 30
  • degrees 25 seconds North
  • Distance to Tehran : 927 kms
  • Distance to centre of province : 185 kms
  • Distance to centre of the city : 27 kms
  • Distance to nearest commercial airport : 100 kms
  • Connection lines to Tehran and other cities : By paved road and railway
  • Min/Max yearly humidity : 15-99%
  • Min/Max yearly temperature : 6-50 degree Centigrade
  • Time Zone : GMT + 3.5 H



  • Cranes : 40 Units
  • Tractors : 53 “
  • Lift rucks : 119 “
  • Trailers (flat beds) : 142 “
  • Push Trucks : 10 “
  • Rail Cranes : 6 “
  • Gantry cranes : 2 “
  • Transtainers : 2 “
  • Top Lifters : 5 “
  • Grain Vacuators : 5 “



Old Eastern Wing354013.0
Old Western Wing354013.0
Four – post jetty477112.5
Five-post container berths5105110-15
Five-post general cargo berths59119.8
Silo jetty (imports)128015.0
Silo jetty128014.0
Barge harbor; for 24 barges8426.5
Gulf jetty12076.6
Trans-Terminal jetty1753.6
Ore imports jetty122010.0



  • Total area of sheltered warehouses: 287,940 square meters
  • Total area of unsheltered warehouses: 10,980,790 square meters



  • Barges 9 Nos.
  • Tug-boats 11 “
  • Floating cranes 2 ” (at Silo berths only)
  • Grab dredger 1 “
  • Dredgers 5 “
  • Fresh water barge 1 “
  • Boats 10 “
  • Fire-fighting tug 1 “
  • Bunkering barge 1 “



This port is located 10.4 km east of Bandar Imam Khomeini.

  • LAT-LONG : 30º28′ : N – 49º11′ E



  • National Iranian Oil Co. (N.I.O.C.)
  • Port of Mahshahr
  • The port is presently operated by NIOC
  • Abadan refinery



No anchorages at Port of Mahshahr or Mahshahr roadstead. After leaving the Khor Musa bar, the channel is followed up the Khor Musa for about 51 km to the anchorage at Port of Imam Khomeini, where all inward bound vessels required to anchor for the purpose of granting pratique. Channel pilot will disembark and Oil company berthing master will board incoming vessels, because Oil company has its own pilotage system in this part of channel. Shortly after leaving Bandar Khomeini, channel to Mahshahr is entered, which is well marked by light beacons to entrance of Port of Mahshahr . Distance from Bandar Khomeini anchorage to port of Mahshahr, approx. 11.2 km.




  • Packed Products Jetty
  • NIOC Cargo Jetty
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.1
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.2
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.3
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.4
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.5
  • Bulk Liquid load/discharge Jetty no.6



  • Only accommodates barges and other small crafts for transhipment of packed products to vessels at main jetties.
  • General purpose
  • Used for load/discharge of clean products
  • Mostly used for loading of fuel oil
  • Used for load /discharge of clean products
  • Used for load /discharge of clean products
  • Mostly used for loading of fuel oil
  • Rented by PCC for exporting petrochemicals



  • DRAFT : 38-42 feet at different main loading jetties
  • L.O.A. : Max. 780 feet
  • BEAM : No limitation
  • Berthing : No limitation, possible at day and night


NOTE : The port can accept Tankers of up to 80,000 tons dwt for load / discharge of different Liquid bulk (oil products/ petrochemicals) commodities.




The port of Anzali is located in Lat 37 28’ N and Long 49 28’ E in the Caspian sea.

  • Distance from Tehran : 380 km
  • Distance from the center of the province : 40 km
  • Distance from the nearest airport : 35 km
  • The port is connected to Tehran and other cities by road and air.
  • The temperature range during the year is 0 to +36 degrees centigrade
  • The humidity range during the year is 34% to 98%
  • Bandar Anzali



All vessels should anchor at the outer buoy when arriving in good weather and then proceed to the Fairway buoy to await a pilot. Distance between outer buoy and pilot station is 50 nautical miles.






Hoisting machinery of various capacities and cargo handling machinery of different types are available.



  • Yards: 254,365 square meters
  • Hangar: 1,191 square meters
  • Warehouse: 21,853 square meters
  • Wharf: 68,506 square meters


NOTE:The port can accommodate Dry Vessels/Products Tankers of up to 4,000 tons dwt




The port of Chabahar (Shahid Beheshti) is located in 25º 20’ N and 60º 32’ E in the Gulf of Oman.

  • UNCTAD Locode IR ZBR. Admiralty chart/pilot 145/63.
  • Distance from Tehran : 2371 km
  • Distance from the center of the province : 767 km
  • Distance from the nearest airport : 40 km
  • The port is connected to Tehran and other cities by road and air
  • The temperature range during the year is +22.8 to +32 degrees Centigrade
  • The humidity range during the year is 62% to 89%






Shahid Beheshti Port

Type of BerthLength (m)Draught (m)Capacity (Ton)


Shahid Kalantari Port

Type of BerthLength (m)Draught (m)Max Capacity (Ton)
Coast Guard1204



Hoisting machinery of various capacities and cargo handling machinery of different types are available




  • Yards : 350,000 square meters
  • Warehouse : 18,000 square meters


PRINCIPAL IMPORTS: Bagged Grain and Fertilizers.

Note: The port can accommodate Dry Bulk Vessels/Products Tankers of up to 25,000 tons dwt.

Note: The main berths at Chabahar are closed to ocean going vessels during monsoon season in June, July and August. However, barge and lighter age operations are carried out throughout the year.




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